Durham Region toilet installation & repair services

Installing or repairing a toilet can be tricky. Our licensed plumbers make it easy. Request a job estimate today and relax knowing your toilet installation or repair is backed by our guarantee.

Durham Region toilet installation & repair services
We are Durham Region's oldest plumbing company - since 1955
We are a 2nd generation plumbing company - family owned & operated
We offer the best guarantee in the industry - 15 months

Avoid toilet installation and repair problems!

Toilet installation and repair problems can be costly if you don't know what you are doing.

Is your plumbing to code?

Plumbing that is not to code can delay work, or lead to costly plumbing problems in the future. Hire a licensed plumber with experience.

Is the workmanship professional?

Poor workmanship can lead to subpar results, and repairs sooner than necessary. Hire a plumber with an established reputation.

Is the work guaranteed?

Professional plumbing companies offer a guarantee/warranty. Ensure you hire a plumber that is willing to stand behind their work.

I recently renovated my bathroom and was in need of a plumber. I was referred to E. Vaillancourt Plumbing and feel very fortunate that I was. My experience with them has been totally professional and informative. Dave, one of Brian's plumbers, arrived on time and explained all options. I'm a contractor and have never seen quality like theirs before. I will definitely be using Brian's company again.
Steve Penny

Replace or repair your toilets the easy way!

Relax knowing your toilet was repaired or replaced by professionally licensed plumbers who guarantee their work.

Licensed Plumbers

Relax, knowing all of your plumbing work was completed by licensed & certified plumbing professionals.

Unmatched Experience

We are Durham Region's oldest plumbing company. We've been serving residential & business customers since 1955.

No Financial Surprises

Get a free estimate and know what the required plumbing work will cost you upfront. No surprises, just fair pricing.

Leading Brands

From installation to maintenance and repairs - we utilize the leading plumbing brands for superior quality and performance.

Clean Workspace

Once your plumbing job is completed, we'll leave the workspace as clean as we found it. You won't even know we were there!

Save Time & Money

Our licensed plumbers will take care of everything for you, ensuring the job is done right the first time - saving you time and money.

Specialized Certification

Our plumbers are not only licensed, they are certificated in specialized areas of plumbing, providing extra peace of mind.

24/7 Emergency Service

Plumbing problems can happen anytime. That's why we provide 24/7 emergency services. Rest easy knowing we're available.

Service Guarantee

Our company is only as good as our reputation. We want you to be satisfied which is why we provide an industry leading guarantee.

Repairing or replacing your toilet is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

To repair or replace your toilet, simply follow the three steps below.

Step 1:

Request a free estimate

Request your free estimate now by calling 289-275-6694 or by clicking on the "Request job estimate" button below.

Step 2:

Hire us to do the work

Our licensed plumbers will arrive on the scheduled date and time, complete the job, and tidy up when they are done.

Step 3:

Relax & enjoy peace of mind

Relax, knowing your plumbing work was completed by professionals and is backed by our industry leading guarantee!

Toilet installation & repair services for Durham Region residents and businesses

We use toilets everyday but don't give them much thought. Toilets play an integral role in modern society. Just imagine what life would be like if we went back to the days of using an outhouse.

Whether you need to install toilets in a new build or want to replace or repair existing ones, selecting the right toilet and installing it properly are critical to avoiding plumbing issues.

When you need help installing or repairing a toilet, contact the plumbing experts at Vaillancourt Plumbing & Drains. We'll take care of all your toilet installation and repair needs quickly and professionally. Contact us today!

Durham Region toilet installation & repair services
Frequently Asked qustions

Do you have questions about toilet installation & repair?

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked toilet installation & repair questions...

What is a toilet flange?

A toilet flange secures the toilet to the floor and connects it to the drain pipe. Circular in shape, a flange is usually made of PVC, rubber or metal, and is secured to the floor with wood or concrete screws depending on your floor type. Your toilet is secured to the flange using flange bolts.

Should I install a toilet myself?

Installing your own toilet can be a rewarding DIY project. However, it can also lead to water damage if it's not done properly. Before you install your own toilet, make sure you have all the necessary supplies and tools. If you're not comfortable with the process or want to ensure it is done properly the first time, contact your local plumber.

My toilet is constantly running, what should I do?

A continually running toilet can waste a lot of water. Fixing the issue is usually simple. There are three common causes of a running toilet - 1. the flapper chain is disconnected, too short or has too much slack, 2. the flapper may be dirty or broken, 3. the float that controls the level of water in the tank may be out of position. If you're not sure how to fix the problem be sure to contact your local plumber.

Do we service your area?

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