Our guarantee to you

We're so confident in our work, we offer the industry's leading guarantee - 15 months!

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Under normal use and service,  Vaillancourt Plumbing & Drains Ltd. will warranty for fifteen (15) months against labour and defects in materials and/or fixtures starting from the date of completion of work performed, provided that the customer shows an original copy of their bill/invoice/receipt with date and proof of full payment.

Vaillancourt Plumbing & Drains Ltd., at its sole discretion, will either replace or repair defective materials and/or fixtures within the warranty period. This warranty does not apply to plugged drains/sewers or toilets. Warranty periods may be extended for certain jobs and products whereby a separate warranty is provided in written form from Vaillancourt Plumbing & Drains Ltd.

Certain products may have additional warranties provided by the manufacturer. If a manufacturer's warranty extends beyond the period provided in this warranty by Vaillancourt Plumbing & Drains Ltd., the customer is responsible for making a claim on such warranty from the manufacturer or its agents directly, unless otherwise stated by Vaillancourt Plumbing & Drains Ltd. in a separate written warranty.